Created from recycled oven and roof panels.
4' high.
Commissioned work from Woodford, VT

Created entirely from the retired shoes of local horses. Plus upcycled snow-tire chains and miscellanious other metal objects. He was created to honour the wild mustangs that roam free through the town and area of Eminence, Missouri. There he resides where he will be a forever tribute to them.

Created from recycled items including two cow water font bowls as his main body, automobile springs, lamp parts, cut sheet metal shapes and wearing pulling pony shoes.


Created using four recycled horseshoes.
Mane is differing lengths of horseshoe nails,
with a tail made of bed springs.


Created from a large variety of recycle items.
Including automobile water pump, barn manure track, motorcycle front fork springs, hay tine springs and tine, a horseshoe or two, nuts and bolts, mechanic's wrench, highway anchor, metal rings and bed springs.

Created from recycled items including a cow water font bowl, galvanized garbadge cans, wire wheel, pick axe head, muffler tailpipe, tent pegs, bicycle frame parts, a horseshoe or two and garden basket holders.

Formed entirely from chicken wire fencing.
Taxidermist grade glass eyes and a
shiny penny for his nose!

The horse is a network of horseshoes amidst shaped
and curved steel rods. The mane and tail are tractor
and truck tire chains.

The "up-cycled" tulip is nine feet tall. The blooms are old metal garbage cans and the leaves are old metal roofing. The red Dutch wood shoe is four feet long and two feet tall. It was carved from a single block of pine by chainsaw. The bicycle (inset), which was brought over from Holland is painted orange denoting the colour of royality in Holland. All of these pieces were commissioned by and reside at the Dutch bakery, Bakkerij Krijnen, located on Main Street in Bennington, Vermont. The inset is of the tulips which were made from metal and painted bright colours.

Made of rebar, a stove grill and horseshoes. This cross was commissioned for an owners pets grave.

"Rail Cat"
Materials Used:
railroad ties, adjustable wrench, bed springs, horseshoe, circular saw blade and unidentified piece of railroad stuff.

He stands about 9" tall.

For Sale. Please inquire.

Life Size Angora Buck Sculpture - Resides at Blind Buck Farm, Salem, New York

Head: Chainsaw Carved Beech Wood, with Pipe Bender Head Piece Support

Horns: Genuine Angora Buck Horns

Eyes: Taximdermist High Quality Glass Goat Eyes

Ears: Barn Hinges Trimmed With Dog Choke Collar Chain

Neck: Antique Wood Carriage Wheel Hub, Cast Iron Stove Legs,
Railroad Nails, Horseshoes and Trimmed with Rope from Interior of Steel cable

Main Body Skeletal System: Cow stanchion pipe legs and backbone
Body Hair Coat: Unravelled Steel Cable

Hooves/Feet: Railroad Nails

Front Chest: Pitchfork, Cow Water Fountain Dipper, BMW Motorcycle Front Fork Interior Spring

Legs & Thighs: Railroad Plate Fasteners, Horseshoes, Dodge Truck Rear Drum Brake Shoes, BMW Motorcycle Front Fork Interior Spring

Spine: Shovel Pieces and re-bar

Bum Piece: Candle Holder

Tail: Dog Tie-Out Stake

Chest & Belly: Circular Saw Blades

Shoulder Decoration: Restaurant Condiment Server

Made from an assortment of objects including automobile parts, gear, farm equipment, horseshoes and found objects.
Stands approximately 30"+ from the tip of his "steel toe" ears to his front "hay tine spring" paws.

What do you do with old chicken wire? Why, make
lifesized dog sculptures! Purchased by a woman in
New York state, this German Shepard and Doberman will be attached to a roof using hinges on their feet.

Stands 14.1h, over 6 feet tall.
Created from found objects. The majority of his body is comprised from the tines of an antique hay rake with bent metal rods to compliment and complete him. His head, mane and tail were cut and formed from discarded sheet metal. Other objects in his creation include, door knobs, brake shoes, hay fork tines, horseshoes and an antique stove leg.
Shown here at his owner's home in Salem, New York.

Horse sculpture.

5 feet tall.

Created from found objects.

Made entirely of recycled horse shoes.

Created from found metal objects.

This piece was created as an entry in the 2008 Wilmington, Vermont Vermonster community Art Project. He took the second highest bid at auction and is now a permanent guest at an Inn in Wilmington, Vermont.

The object of this community art project was to create a Vermont themed sculpture from found and used objects. VerMorganster is the Vermont state animal and he was created from items found on the farm, ie; barn boards, hay tedder wheels and his head was carved by chainsaw by me.

He is a full size draft horse who stands almost 6' at the shoulder (withers, 17 hands).

Comprised completely with donated, recycled horseshoes.
His mane and tail are unraveled steel cable.

This piece was created as an entry in the 2006 Bennington, Vermont "Palette Fest" Community Art Project. He was purchased by and resides at Mace Products in Bennington, Vermont.

Unique little horses made from recycled horseshoes, bedsprings and horseshoe nails.
They can also be custom made using your horse's shoes and painted to match your horse. A lasting tribute.

Order yours today!

Horse sculpture.

6 feet tall.

Created from found objects.

This piece was created as an entry in the 2006 Bennington, Vermont "Palette Fest" Community Art Project.
He drew third highest bid at auction and now resides in Bennington, Vermont.

But none of these things move me neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus Christ, to testify the gospel of the Grace of God.
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